Adventures in Antiquing

Adventures in Antiquing: Vintage Children’s Blue Willow Tea Set

I love antiquing–ask my friends and they’ll tell you that I’d take an antique mall over a real mall ANY DAY.

Last week I was doing some online window shopping and spotted a charming little children’s blue willow tea set–until that moment–I had no idea that anything like this ever existed. I thought about buying it… *thought* being the key word here! Fast forward to my little trip to the antique shoppe–my husband spotted the EXACT SAME TEA SET THAT I SAW ONLINE–THE. EXACT. SAME. TEA SET.

The photos I saw online didn’t do the tea set justice. It was incredibly adorable in person– so vibrant in color and pattern. I instantly bought it. It has made such a fun addition to my china cabinet and my blue & white collection as a whole.

It’s sad that toys like this are no longer a mainstream item, as a child, I loved playing dress up and having tea parties with my dolls. When I was pregnant with my daughter, I wanted to buy a ceramic tea set that I could put away for her for when she got older but I had a hard time finding anything–that was about 12 years ago. Times–they are a changin’…

I couldn’t find much info on the maker other than the tea set was “MADE IN JAPAN”. I estimated that the set is from 1948-1952. I saw that Sears & Roebuck made a line of tea sets in different colors and patterns called “Little Hostess” back in the 50’s & 60’s.

The set itself is still in great condition. It came with 4 cups and saucers, 2 additional saucer plates (maybe the set originally was for 6)? It also came with 8 plates, a tea pot, a sugar container and a mini soup tureen! A MINI SOUP TUREEN! The cups are very fragile but I think my daughter and I may do an afternoon tea party using the plates, and other accessories very soon!

It’s really neat to think about the children who may have played with this set–times were so different back then and it’s really something to know that this toy that brought joy to children over 70 years ago is still bringing happiness and joy to both me and my child all these years later.

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