Chanel Jumbo Suede Handbag

Hello Friends! It looks like 2019 is starting off fabulously! It’s not everyday that I buy a new handbag but when I do–I go big.

My love affair with handbags started *gasp* about 19 years ago–(remember the days when Coach & Dooney & Burke were the IT bags?!) Since then, I’ve gone through so many bags–I could open up my own store–seriously. Looking back, it’s actually laughable at how definable each style of bag is and how true to the year/ decade except they all are except for: The Classics.

I was in need of a new classic. My very loved vintage Louis Vuitton Speedy 40 circa 1982 is no longer usable and I wasn’t feeling very motivated to buy another LV–I’ve been through every size possible over the last 19 years and while they are a great starter bag for a young lady starting her handbag collection, I’m focusing on bags I will wear and love well into my golden years. My mantra is quality over quantity.

Classic bags are that rare breed of handbag that lasts over decades and generations. It’s your grandmother’s 40 year old luxury purse that rivals the bags of today.

Case in point–Chanel bags. My “new” bag is actually a “pre-loved” handbag that I purchased from Fashionphile. It’s from the 1994-1996 era and as you can see, the style is still very much in fashion. I thought the bag would be perfect for the Autumn/ Winter months–between it’s rich, dark color, the beautiful suede texture and the antiqued gold hardware– I. WAS. SOLD.

Chanel bags are no joke expensive–yes. But they are lovely little pieces of arm candy that are actually a fantastic investment. I already own a Jumbo XL circa 1990’s with the extra-large gold CC logo that still makes my heart skip a beat whenever I take it out of it’s dustbag. What can I say? Handbags are my thing. As the ever so fabulous Carrie Bradshaw once said: “I like my money where I can see it, hanging in the closet.”  

…and I couldn’t agree more. <3

The Chanel Jumbo Handbag is a great size! It fits all of my essentials with room to spare–more on that in a future post!

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