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These are just some of the things I hope to grab for more in 2019

Happy Thursday! Today is the first day that the holidays really seem O-V-E-R. Today also feels like a Monday but thankfully it’s not… I’m actually quite grateful that the first day back from holiday break fell on a day so late in the week. 

F. Scott Fitzgerald once described January in his book The Beautiful & Damned as “January, the Monday of the months.” and I suppose one can look at it that way however, I’m choosing to look at the start of the new year and a bit more of a positive light. This is a good time to set intentions and make goals. It’s also a time to breathe and reboot.

While most people set the intention to be more present in their lives, I intend to have a bit more of an online presence in 2019. While I’m always looking to be more present in my personal life, having an online creative outlet is important to me. Believe it or not, I haven’t turned on my computer in quite some time… I’d say… maybe six months or so? With iPhones and iPads, I’m found that my laptop wasn’t really necessary but now that I am blogging again, it’s definitely necessary! 

With the holidays being over, I’d like to get back into reading. I started this amazing book (in the above pic) “Small Pleasures to Save Your Life” quite some time ago and I have a LONG list of books just waiting to be read. I spent all of November and December trying to watch every single holiday movie on the Hallmark Channel—lol! Truly, I live for those films! Though I do have to admit, I get a bit tired of them by the time Christmas is over.

Changing gears a bit to makeup, I’d like to use my Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar and Glow Duo more. With it being so dark and gloomy out constantly, my skin needs to glow now more than ever.

Speaking of outdoors, I’d like to go out more during the day! With the days being a lot shorter and might I add a darker, I find that I don’t reach for my sunglasses as much anymore. This needs to change.

I’d also like to make 2019 year that I grow on my blue and white porcelain collection. I didn’t buy any new pieces in 2018 because I was so focused on preparing for the move into our new home. Will 2019 be the year of more blue and white pieces in my life? I hope so.

Bows. Oh how I struggle with this one. Hair bows are making a comeback apparently. I’ve always loved the look of a delicate little bow against a simple hairstyle… It makes any hairstyle next level. But– should women pass their mid 20’s wear them? I’m still trying to figure that one out… I’m thinking that women in their 30’s can get away with it if worn the right way. I shall be exploring this more in the coming months.

Fairy lights. Is it obvious that it took me time to set up this shot? Absolutely. But there’s something absolutely magical about these delicate little twinkling lights. In the winter time especially, the world needs more fairy lights. I’m doing my part to make that happen this coming year. 🌟

And finally, my new Fuji Instax Camera!! My daughter Audrey received an Instax camera for Christmas and I basically realized that it was something that I didn’t know I needed in my life until my daughter got one. It took me back to a time when my grandmother used to take pictures of me with her Polaroid— 1980’s nostalgia vibes all the way! Once I saw how cool this camera was, I immediately bought one! The photos are a bit smaller than a traditional Polaroid picture but there are tons of different film designs to choose from. I think there is a lot of room for creativity with this little camera. There is a lot I plan to do this year and I am definitely bringing my camera along for the ride.

So that is a little peek into some of my goals and intentions for the new year. Is there anything that you’re feeling inspired about? Do you share in the comments below! 


Lady Nancy

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  1. YES! This year is going to be great! I’ve always wanted a instax cam.! This year I’m going to get more into photography!

    1. Yes definitely!! You are so creative and I look forward to see what kind of exciting ventures you tackle this year! 🙂

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