My Signature Makeup Look

My no-fail eye makeup essentials

Does anyone use the term “signature look” anymore when referring to their everyday look? We live in an age where so many people share their “everyday looks” every two minutes but truly, the eye makeup I’ve been wearing has been pretty consistent for the past *gasp* 6 years.

I used to make Youtube videos in the early 2010’s–the days of the colored smokey eyes–green, purple, sapphire etc… Back then, I used to sport metallic shades of SILVER & PEWTER smokey eyes on a daily basis. Yes, really–to the grocery store and all. *lol*

Long gone are the days of green, pewter and purple smokey eyes!

Maybe the times changed, maybe I changed–I don’t really know. But what I do know is that the Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette changed my life when it comes to makeup. Since then, I have found it hard to do makeup videos on YouTube because I use this palette *too much*. Today, at least according to social media standards, it’s customary to buy loads of new makeup on a monthly or even weekly basis. In my eyes, that’s not realistic.

Give me a makeup palette that I can use any time of the year–with essentially any color combination–wearable day or night. That’s what this palette is for me–it’s all about versatility. And as you can see, my palette is older than I’d like to admit and very well loved. These eye shadows are all buttery, blendable and easy to use. They are all matte in consistency except the first shade, Venus which is more of a satin/ metallic shade. Crave which is the black shadow in the palette is one of my favorites–it’s not the darkest black I’ve every had but it’s awesome for everyday use when I like my upper lash line. All the colors are easy to build up too.

My most used colors in this palette–is it THAT obvious?!

For the price point (just $19), longevity of the palette and the versatility, I’d say run out and pick one up!! However, I think Urban Decay may be starting to discontinue the product as makeup brands of this caliber never go on sale. I bought a back up back in June for $19–originally priced at $29 and today, you can still purchase the palette at the discounted rate of $19. Truly *RUN* and pick one up while you still can!

As for the mascaras–these are the two I have been consistently using for the past 9 years. I’ve tried high end mascaras from brands like Makeup Forever, Chalotte Tilbury and MAC but I always come back to these drugstore gems. I haven’t felt the need to try any new mascaras in years.

Honorable Mentions

All in all, I adore the entire Urban Decay Naked Basics line of eye shadows. While you can get by on just the Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette alone, I’m a makeup lover–long gone are the days of silver and navy eye shadows but I do believe in color coordinating tones. The Urban Decay Naked Basics 2 is great for Fall or for pairing with colors of Amber or Burgundy–but that’s another post…

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