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Pate Au Ginseng-Concentrated Black Mask

Happy New Year!

While I don’t usually have resolutions, I’ve made more of a conscious effort to focus more on self-care–mani/ pedi’s and doing face masks more than just once every three months!

I had a sample of Erborian’s Pate Au Ginseng Concentrated Face Mask  and loved it so much that I bought a bigger size online–that’s RARE for me.

Erborian describes the mask as:

“Formulated with Ginseng root, used for ages in Korea to help fight visible signs of aging, PÂTE AU GINSENG helps improve the appearance of skin’s firmness and elasticity through its tensor effect.
With a concentrated dose of Ginseng, and its instant tensor effect, this mask helps your skin feel firmer and smooths out the appearance of the skin, providing immediate comfort and vitality for tired complexions. As if plumped from within, the skin looks visibly smoother, more luminous and younger.”

Smooth, luminous skin is what you’ll get. I was in love at first use. The product itself has the consistency of honey. It doesn’t harden or dry. It’s different than your typical face mask as it doesn’t harden or feel tight on the skin. I left the mask on for about 10 mins and my skin felt so smooth and dare I even say a bit more brightened up?!

I’m wearing the mask in the photo above and as you can see, it’s quite translucent.


That’s a tough one as I has issues finding a full size product so I settled on a travel size which is 0.5 oz–quite tiny. I found a set of two on Amazon. It looks like Pate Au Ginseng used to be sold at QVC, Sephora and other beauty retailers but is no longer being carried. You can of course always buy directly from Eborian, here.

I’ll keep using Pate Au Ginseng as long as I can keep finding it! What are some of your favorite masks? I’d love to know as I’m always on the hunt for new ones!


Lady Nancy

2 thoughts on “Pate Au Ginseng-Concentrated Black Mask”

  1. Hi Nancy, it’s Maria from the UK 😁, long time no hear ….I didn’t even realize you had a blog until today. You don’t post on YouTube anymore do you? Or am I missing something? I know you said you had trouble with your channel some months ago.
    You look so well & your hair is fabulous, looks in really good condition too. Hope your feeling good & your check ups are still going well.
    Is old is Audrey now? Daniel turned 3 this month, he is almost bigger than me now 😁

    Great to see you are doing well as j often think about how you are. 👍

    Much love Maria 💕

    1. Hello Maria! What a lovely surprise to hear from you! I’m not currently doing videos at the moment. With Audrey being in school, we have a lot going on during the week and it doesn’t leave much time for me to film videos so I’ve decided to keep a little blog as an online beauty diary of sorts. Yes, check ups are going well–saw my doctor in December and all went well! Audrey is going to be 12 this year which is crazy. My goodness! I can’t believe Daniel is already 3! It goes too quick, doesn’t it?! Wishing you the very best! xoxo

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