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My First Haircut

I know what you’re thinking–first haircut? Well technically this is my first haircut since going through my breast cancer journey. I lost all of my hair in December 2015 and it started to slowly grow back March 2016. Since then, I patiently awaited my hair to get long enough so that I could get the style I wanted. I don’t like talking about that time in my life but truly, it changes you–and this was a big deal.

My stylist gave my hair and healthy and much needed trim but most of the changed occurred in creating all of the beautiful layers. I’ve always been a fan of long hair with lots of piecey layers and I was so pleased to see the final result–I had literally been waiting YEARS for that moment. My hair feels so much lighter now even though it’s still very much long.

I decided to also purchase the products that my stylist used on my hair–I was so surprised that my hair could feel so soft, shiny and manageable. For the past few years I had been using lower end drugstore shampoo & conditioner but I started thinking about it…I use quality skincare products because I want to truly take care of my skin–why not invest in better quality products to protect the quality of my hair?

I was impressed with the Wella Fusion Plex Intense Repair Shampoo, Conditioner and Mask–my hair is in need of much repair after not having a proper cut in YEARS.

I am working on perfecting my blowout skills! I think I will dedicate an entire post on my favorite hair tools in a separate post.

Enjoy your week! xo

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