Bronze Goddess Eau Fraîche Skinscent

Bergamot. Amber. Tiare Flower. Vanilla. Coconut–you wouldn’t think the notes in this fragrance would be suitable for crisp and icy winter days but that’s exactly what I’ve been gravitating toward this past winter.

I bought Bronze Goddess about five years ago to use specifically for the summer months that season. I liked it but it seemed a bit too warm and heavy for summer so I made the poor decision to throw it away when I was packing up to move house. Fast forward to just three months later when I received a sample of Tom Ford’s Soleil Blanc–I sprayed it and I felt like I knew this scent–VERY WELL.

I realized Soleil Blanc was almost an exact dupe for…..*wait for it* ESTEE LAUDER BRONZE GODDESS. I also realized that this scent was delicious for the cooler months as it has this warm, sort of clay like quality scent that I realized that I love when looking for winter perfumes. I was mad at myself because if I just would have tired Bronze Goddess during another season other than summer than I would have realized what an asset it was to my perfume collection. Fast forward to January, I wound up picking up a bottle and I have been using it every day.

You may notice that this is an Eau Fraîche not Eau de Parfum. So what is an Eau Fraîche Skinscent and how does it differ than Eau de Parfum??

Let’s start off with the price–Bronze Goddess Skinscent is insanely affordable for what you get–this 3.4 oz bottle set me back about $65 where as most EDT & EDP are much higher in price. It all lies in the percentage of essential oils found in the scent. True perfumes have about 22% of essential oils and ingredients where as EDT and Eau Fraîche contain a much lower number of essential oils. Specifically, Eau Fraîche scents contain just 1-3% of essential oils and ingredients making in the lowest on the totem poll of all fragrances. Eau Fraîche translates literally to fresh water.

Estee Lauder does make an EDP for Bronze Goddess but I didn’t care for it too much–it smelled very different from the Eau Fraîche . Longevity wise, I can get a few hours out of it and it’s never fully gone… Hours later I can always pick up a scent of the delicious concoction if I move my hair a certain way. It’s one that I would recommend keeping in your bag to reapply as needed, especially if you’re out.

Bronze Goddess as turned out to be my signature scent for Winter 2019–day or night, this has truly become a staple in my fragrance collection.

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