Mon nouveau sac Chanel

This is a cheeky little sneak peek at a very special package that I received in the post a few days ago–a very special package indeed–my new Chanel bag! I always jump for joy when I buy a new bag because I’ve always had a love affair with handbags. They truly excite me.

The older I get, the more I realize what I not on like but truly love. I like to buy pieces that I can wear 20 years from now. I am very into staple & classic pieces. I’ve always have been but never truly realized until a few years ago. From that moment on, I’ve made a conscious decision to buy things that make my heart skip a beat and this is one of them.

I bought my “new” Beige Chanel Caviar Stitched Jumbo Single Flap used because I enjoy Chanel bags produced in the 1990’s. All my Chanel bags are from the 1990’s–I love the style aesthetic!

I can’t wait to start using it!! I may doing a video on this bag and all my Chanel bags in a future post and or video. So…stay tuned!

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