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Tea for One & One for Tea

I’m back from my vacation and truly, I need a vacation from my vacation. As I’ve said these last few days, Disney is an experience, not a vacation.

Epcot is always one of my favorite places to visit. I especially love taking a long stroll around the World Showcase— specifically England. You feel like you are in whatever country you walk through. One of the unique things about the World Showcase is that they only sell items that you can find in the specific country you visit. For instance, the England World Showcase only sold products that you can find in England—local candy, tea, snacks, accessories of all kinds etc…

I stopped into one of my favorite shops, The Queen’s Table, they sell candy bars native to England, tea cups, kitchen accouterments, and tea towels to name a few. I didn’t get to grab a picture of it but I bought a delicious orange flavored chocolate bar and I think the brand was called Terry. It was absolutely fabulous. 👌🏻 there were so many other snacks and candies that I wanted to try however, it was ridiculously hot outside and nothing was going to survive on my travels that afternoon. 

On my last visit to the shop, I purchased a cute blue and white tea cup and saucer and it’s become a tradition for me to always tap into The Queen’s Table to buy a tea cup. I immediately fell in love with this one! I love collecting tea for one cup’s and this one seemed royally English before I even checked the details. 

Queens by Churchill, Classic Olde England is a beautiful tea for one set that features dainty floral detailing with elements of black, brown and gold. Upon doing further research, I did see that this particular style is sold in dinnerware as well! And like so many other brands in the Disney Epcot world showcase, this particular brand and product is native to England and not easily available here in the United States. 

I also bought a box of Twinings Rose Garden Black Tea. It’s lovely description describes this tea: 

“The late summer sun warms the walled garden of an English country house. The air hangs heavy with the scent of a thousand roses- A moment to savour. Our Master Blenders thought so, and created a rose flavour black tea, with a scattering of beautiful rose petals. However hectic your day is proving to be, it will bring a delicious summery pause to your afternoon.”

Such a lovely description, right? 🌹 I do so look forward to enjoying this tea on lazy summer afternoons…

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