La Robe de Palmier

Gosh, it seems so lovely in French, doesn’t it? Now that we are getting closer to our west coast vacation, I’m trying on certain things that I think may be good to bring along on the trip–this dress? I’m not sure. Typically I’ll love an outfit and it doesn’t photograph so well however, I didn’t feel great in this dress yet, I love the way it looked in the photo.

I’m torn…

I love the white crochet detailing on the top. High-Low styles aren’t typically my thing but I fell in love with the palm tree print. I think it’s good to go out of one’s comfort zone every now and then. Despite photographing beautifully, I didn’t love how the high-low look on me.

My other gripe is that I can’t tell if I find it charming or straight up gauche to wear a dress full of palm trees in a place that is known for it’s palm trees…

It comes off very touristy I suppose…

Well, I think I have my answer!! I think I’ll pass on bringing it with me out west but truly, this little number is adorable to wear in the summer months. I have a palm tree top that is a bit more becoming and way less loud. Perhaps I’ll consider bringing that.

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