The 1940’s Inspired Romper

More of a two piece rather than a romper, this particular style really mimics the style of today’s rompers…

I love rompers. I was slightly obsessed with them about 5 years ago, then after having my mastectomy in 2015, I wound up donating them all. Looking back on that time, I regret donating just about everything in my summer wardrobe.

Since then, I’ve been slowly rebuilding my wardrobe yet at the same time, it’s been fun to buy new clothes and “start over”.

Summer 2019 has been the season of rompers and mini dresses for me. I’ve been wearing this particular romper a lot —this one in particular is one of my favorites due to the vintage inspired detailing of it. As always, I love pieces that I can be dressed up or dressed down and this romper gives me the best of both worlds.

Today I went for more of a dressy look and paired this romper with my nude high heel sandals and beige clutch (another staple piece I’ve been wearing on the daily).

Even though rompers can be such a pain to get on and off, I like them better than dresses— they are far more effortless to deal with than dresses on a windy day! 😉

More than anything, this particular summer it’s all about “pushing the envelope” a bit so to speak… as you’ll see with the cleavage and “peek a boo” detailing. The tassels hang down making that “peek a boo” skin less conspicuous (thankfully).

But overall, it’s an easy, fun and sexy outfit for summer! I’m definitely planning on bringing this particular romper with me to Los Angeles later this summer.

When I first tried on this outfit, I immediately got 1940’s Rita Hayworth vibes due to the floral print and little cut out of skin. It’s truly a reminder that what’s old is always new again and from here on out, I will definitely be holding on to summer staple pieces such as this one.

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