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The Trip of a Lifetime–Las Vegas, Los Angeles & Beyond

I just got back from our west coast trip–what a magical way to celebrate 15 years of marriage! This was my first time visiting the west coast and I loved every minute of it.

Here are some highlights from our vacation… We started out in Las Vegas as my husband was out there on business. We are so not Vegas people but I surprisingly had a great time–The Strip is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced–it’s like Atlantic City on mega steroids. I enjoyed naturally waking up at 5 am, gazing out the window and seeing the sunrise.

Another highlight was getting to experience the Titanic Exhibition at the Luxor. I wore this black jumpsuit (when in Vegas, right?) and paired it with my Heart of the Ocean necklace that I bought over ten years ago for photoshoots! *LOL* It was so fun wearing it. Also, I look forward to doing the Titanic Exhibition again next time…

I bought a replica teapot from the RMS Titanic in the first class “Wisteria” design. I’m so happy it survived the plane ride home!

…onto LA!

Before dinner, we made a quick stop to F. Scott Fitzgerald’s last apartment. He actually died in here in 1940. It’s a private apartment community so I was unable to get super close but it was located at the end and to the right–first floor. Technically this wasn’t his home but the home of his girlfriend, Sheilah Graham .
Surrounded by the palm trees!
Beverly Hills

We did Malibu, and driving up and down the coast was a real treat. This was a little sneak peek into our vacation. It really was a fun time! I can’t wait to go back!

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