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The LV Diaries: A Bewitching Papillon

Samantha Stevens are her Louis Vuitton Papillon

Bewitched is one of those shows that I watched as a child— it’s up there with 1960’s classics like the Brady Bunch, Family Affair and That Girl (I am currently watching them with my daughter and she loves them all–including Bewitched!).  The fashions and style of the 1960’s are like no other and while watching season four of Bewitched (we own the DVD series) I noticed Samantha had a very chic handbag that she used for the entire season.

Elizabeth Montgomery convinces me 52 years later that THIS is the bag for me!

Elizabeth Montgomery is one of the TV greats–she is most known for her role as Samantha Stevens on the popular 1960’s television show, Bewitched AND she’s also the daughter of one of my personal favorites, Old Hollywood actor, Robert Montgomery.

While I feel Elizabeth Montgomery most definitely would’ve carried a Louis Vuitton in her personal time, seeing her character, Samantha Stevens with the bag was very surprising! Back in 1966 when this handbag debuted, it was about $150 which is still pretty expensive for the time though not as expensive as a Chanel bag–so perhaps, the perfect price point for the wife of an advertising exec!

In true influencer form, seeing her carry the bag with various outfit throughout the season, I knew the Papillion would make a fabulous addition to my handbag collection. While I was very familiar with this handbag style, I never thought of ever buying it as I’m used the Speedy. After a few episodes, I knew it would make the perfect every day bag.

For reference, Samantha carries what I believe to be Papillon 26 in the show where as, I bought a slightly bigger Papillon 30–the perfect size for anyone who carries a lot of essentials.

My Vintage Louis Vuitton Papillon 30

Forgive my rather crude TV screenshots–I captured some of these while watching Bewitched on DVD–a great investment I might add! 🙂

Louis Vuitton makes this bag in a newer style, handles that are much lighter in color however, I had to have exactly what Elizabeth Montgomery carried with the dark leather handles and even the canvas is a bit rich in color which will be just perfect with the autumn season just around the corner. 
I find it absolutely fascinating that women carried this style of handbag in the mid-1960s and still continue to do this day. Truly that goes to show you that the classics never go out of style.

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