The LV Diaries: Vintage Mini Sac HL

This by far has got to be the cutest bag ever made by Louis Vuitton. This little bag is older than me–it’s well over 35 years old. I bought this vintage Mini Sac HL about 4 years ago–the brand has since brought back these bags and I believe they market them as a mini speedy.

I bought this bag for days when I didn’t feel like bringing out a formal bag–for days when I was running a quick errand but as you can see, between my iPhone and keys–it’s a either or because BOTH simply will not fit inside comfortably!

I’d say the Mini Sac HL would have been the ideal mini bag back about 15 years ago–perfect for a flip phone, lipgloss, a set of keys (without a huge electronic car key of today!) and maybe a powder compact.

Truly I can’t even say I’m that high maintenance as I carry a clutch with me most days but sadly, this is just too small for me and truthfully, it seems just a bit too pretentious of me to JUST keep my keys in it. Until I figure out what to do with it, I’ll just keep on admiring it.

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