Adventures in Antiquing Home Decor

Blue & White Ginger Jar Haul

Hello and Happy Fall to you! We are in the midst of a hot and humid day here so I’m hoping things will start to cool down now that it’s official Autumn.

This weekend was a busy one! What started out with me shopping around for a red / pink transferware dishes turned into me buying a whole lot of ginger jars! That’s the thing with antiques stores though–you have to buy when you see them or run the risk of losing out so…I bought them and for a very good price too!

A before shot of the detailing. All it needed was a little soap, water and TLC to bring this beautiful piece back to life.

They were in need of some TLC and the larger of the lot looks like it was used outside for a long while. I actually plan to use mine outdoors when I finally get a backyard! But for now, it will sit in my storage unit anxiously waiting to be styled & used in the sunny, sunny weather! Yeah, I don’t even have a yard yet but I’ve always wanted a jumbo sized ginger jar like this so I scooped it up!

An after shot. I’d like to dedicate more time to give it more elbow grease but all in all, it looks so much better!

I took these photos early this morning & proceeded to wipe them down with some soapy water. Since I was short on time, I’ll have to follow up in a future post with better pictures but I just love the light of the morning sun as it brings a ray of hope & optimism to the day.

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