Adventures in Antiquing Tea Time & China

My Willow Rosa Dinnerware

I am a Willow Ware kinda gal through and through.

I’m so happy that my new dinnerware came–it’s a service for eight so I’m think I’m set. I’m on a no-buy for dishes until the end of the year due to lack of space but they may change so….stay tuned.

I’m working on getting a new table cloth and other accouterments for this tablescape but I was so excited to set everything up to see how it looked!

How I hit the jackpot with finding these dishes and tea pot is beyond me. Are they red or are they pink? Looking at the set in photos they look more red but in real life, they aren’t as rich of a red and have more of a blush tone. The teapot is actually called Pink Rosa by Churchill and the dishes are Willow Rosa by Royal Wessex and they are the exact same tone so, potato, patahto. *lol*

Red or Pink? Blush perhaps?

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