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Starting My Red Transferware Collection

My “new” Tête-à-Tête Tea Set . I especially love the tray and tea pot.

Hello Friends! It seems like lately I’ve been posting and talking about all things tea time related. Tea Time has become such an important and integral part of my day. Life can be so fast paced. My family and I have been so busy these days– so to sit down over tea & cookies and have a chat is just so special.

After I bought my Pink/ Red Willow dinnerware set, I thought that I was set until I found this beautiful little Red Transferware Tête-à-Tête tea set Since the cups were too small, I then bought two “new” tea cups specifically to use with this set.

The handles are just so lovely…

I actually own this exact tea set in blue & white (are you really surprised? :)) and I was shocked to see another come up for auction online so I scooped it up–just like I did with the brown transferware tête-à-tête tea set I bought last month. While it does seem excessive, I’m just starting out with tea time wares and I’m looking to build up my collection. Autumn is the prime time to use beautiful tones of brown and red transferware…

These tea cups are a better size for my liking…

While the tea cups aren’t an exact match, I love how eclectic and genuinely lovely they look together. A few years ago I started following Aiken House & Gardens blog and between her beautiful home, tablescapes and china, it has given me so much inspiration to start my own collection and share it on my blog.

…the lovely tray

This amazing hobby that gives me so much joy came about during a difficult time in my life. My love of china and dinnerware began while I was going through medical treatments for breast cancer a few years ago and while all of that is behind me now, the passion and joy that blue and white everything gives me, my tea cups and dinnerware give me–well, it’s a beautiful thing…

I will do a separate post on the tea cups in a few days time with a few more indepth photos of their design.

Until then… xx

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