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New Perfume for Winter

I bought a few new perfumes in the last few weeks that I felt a real connection with. I’ve always struggled with autumn and winter fragrances. I don’t typically love the heavily amber scents nor do I enjoy the overly sweet scents like Pink Sugar. I use that particular perfume as an example because I used to be obsessed with it back when I was 19 and a bit into my early 20’s. *cringe*

Since then I’ve kept it really basic–I only owned about 3-4 perfumes that I liked but were so-so. Until I smelled the new Tom Ford fragrance.

Tom Ford Soleil Neige, EDP

It was unlike anything I’ve ever smelled before yet it’s exactly what I was looking for–literally for years–in a perfume. The scent is Soliel Neige which roughly translates to “sun snow” and I think they have captured that perfectly in Soleil Neige. It was my first Tom Ford perfume purchase and I know it won’t be my last. I’m no connoisseur but truly, I know what I like. This reminds me of getting out of the shower on a bitterly cold day and throwing on a cozy white oversized cashmere sweater–it’s perfect. Absolutely perfect.

MAC Shadescent in Creme d’Nude, EDP

This is a lovely scent that I tried last winter and loved but somehow I forgot about it. I recently came across it when shopping for perfume at Nordstrom. This is a subtly sweet scent that I’d really describe as neutral yet soft. Some say it smells like Bath & Body Works Warm Vanilla Sugar but I think it smells way more sophisticated than that.

Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille and it’s dupe, MAC’s Velvet Teddy

Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille, EDP (mini) & MAC Shadescent in Velvet Teddy, EDP

I love the sweet subtle smokiness of Tom Ford’s Tobacco Vanille. When I first spray it, I’m immediately met with the smell of tobacco which dries down into the neutral sweetness of vanilla–real vanilla. Absolutely none of that synthetic vanilla going on here.

As for MAC’s Velvet Teddy–it’s strikingly similar to Tobacco Vanille! Upon first spray, it smells kinda vaporizy which is not good but after a second, I pick up on a smoky vanilla scent–it’s absolutely dreamy. With Velvet Teddy, you simply need a few seconds of patience to really appreciate how similar it is to TF’s Tobacco Vanille.

It feels wonderful to be ending this decade with the glass half full. It took me quite a number of years to find MY type of seasonal scents but after these new perfume purchases, I feel like I’ve learned a lot about myself when it comes to fragrance and I’m excited to take these new scents into 2020.

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